Flex Brigade isn't just athleisure; it's a movement.
Our designs go beyond clothing – they inspire confidence to push boundaries.

Are you someone who is a passionate and in relentless pursuit of excellence ?

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Everyone is welcome here, however if you're an influencer, content creator or a video editor, you might have an edge.


Each ambassador will be part of a system which will track the commissions (5-10% per product sold). And there will be a regular system of automated payouts

How would you get the sales?

You can bring in sales even if you're not an influencer. Although we will help you in achieving sales, you are free to choose your own path.

There are two ways in which we recommend approaching this.
1. Direct sales, where you directly talk to potential customers like your college friends and other people from your community.
2. Online saleshere you can buy the products and make reviews for it. We will also provide you with a drive link with all of our content which has been pre-recorded and shot. You can even use them and post it on new social media pages created by you.


We aim to build an authentic community of individuals passionate about fitness and movement and wish to inspire people to live an active lifestyle by partnering with us. From affiliate commissons to gifting we offer tons of perks when you are working with us to make this a thriving community of like minded individuals So, Join the Brigade and lets inspire the world to move in style.

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Partnership opportunities

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Discount codes
  • Content creation